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About us

Our system adapts to all architectural concepts

ASL Lintech : The lintel structural specialist

ASL-Lintech is a family owned business devoted to providing the construction industry with products and solutions that are most innovative and costeffective. At the heart of our company is our line of patented adjustable shelf angle systems used to support a wide range of masonry veneer.

Our expertise in building construction derives from over 30 years experience of fabrication & installation of miscellaneous metals and steel structures around Quebec and eastern Canada. This experience along with our passion for construction has been the driving force which has led us to the development of our multifunctional adjustable structural lintels.

In keeping with our core values of providing innovotivate building soloutions, we have recently added another subdivision to our company. We now offer our clients full design built prefabricated structures using light steel framing construction methods. Hybrid LSF structure outline all the core values we at ASL-Linetch belive in, High performing producs which minimize work on site allowing contractors to save both time and money on all their proejcts. LSF is quickly becoming the method of choice for developpers building low to mid-rise buildings.

Cost and time reduction

The elimination of the welding step as well as the use of multifunctional materials saves time and money. Adjustment of the lintels is also easier and faster.

Your projects are customizable

Our services and products can be fully customized to meet the specificities of your projects. In addition, we can work with all architectural concepts.

Our team of specialists is at your complete disposal to design your custom project. Thanks to their experience and serious work, they will meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us.