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ASL LSA Lintech inc
Our system is compatible with all types of architectural design.
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Adjustable structural lintels

Patented Design

Miscellaneous Metals

A wide variety of products

Steel Structure

Conventional and hybrid structures

At ASL-Lintech, we are a diversified company within the metal industry. Our award-winning patented design for structural lintels, has allowed us to quickly become the lintels experts within the eastern parts of Canada. Multiple developers and contractors have all entrusted us as to supply them with all their masonry support needs in addition to architects and engineers specifying our products on their plans.  We quickly became the lintel specialists!

Over the course of the last 15 years, we have diversified our company and returned to our original roots within the construction industry. Today, we are proud to have 5 different departments within our company which allows us to provide our clients with a one stop shop for all their metal needs.

1. Adjustable structural lintels

A wide variety of our patented adjustable structural lintels to accommodate all building types.

2. Design and build

Our team of engineers and detailers will work alongside your team to deliver the most cost-efficient building. Contact us for more information.

3. Miscellaneous metal

Our rooted history in miscellaneous metals has allowed us to develop a highly skilled workforce allowing us to take on the most complex of projects. Learn more

4. Light Structural steel

From simple commercial buildings to complex renovation and restoration projects, our vast experience. Learn more

5. Hybrid prefabricated Light steel frame structures

Our continuous drive to provide innovative cost-efficient solutions for the construction industry has led us to opening a new division in prefabricated light steel frame structures.