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Type B – Structural Lintel

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ASL Lintech: An innovative and revolutionary suspended structural lintel model

Among the products offered by the experts at ASL Lintech, you will find the innovative suspended lintel model for which our engineers have obtained an international patent after several years of experimentation, research and development.

Discover our suspended lintels systems for all your construction projects.

Our suspended structural lintels

In recent years engineers, builders, contractors and other experts revolving around the world of construction have particularly benefited from significant technological advances in the linters construction field. These advancements provide durability, stability and even enhanced aesthetics of all your various building structures.

In the case of so-called suspended structural lintels, it is these specific lintels that give durability and greater strength when added to certain sensitive areas subjected to significant charge. Constructed of ultra-resistant metals, the suspended lintels can also be used as an intermediate support between two building components.

In many cases, structural lintels are used as formwork surfaces on which planned elements are installed. These elements usually need extra reinforcement to support heavy loads or withstand weather or natural disasters.

The structural lintels designed by the experts at ASL Lintech are all custom-made, so as to better serve the expectations and requirements of entrepreneurs, engineers and architects who do business with our company. Easily adjustable and designed with the best materials in the industry, our suspended lintels guarantee major support for any area of construction and are recognized for their durability, versatility and strength.

Type “B” solution: suspended structural lintels

Why choose ASL Lintech’s suspended structural lintels?

Specialists in the construction field are looking for three key qualities in lintels used to carry out their products:


Beyond withstanding very high loads, building structures should benefit from the most resistant and durable lintels on the market. ASL Lintech uses only the highest quality materials when designing all products.

Ease of installation

Faced with tight deadlines, construction contractors are looking for products that are easy to install and fix. Through a simple, intuitive anchoring and a fully thought-out design for professionals who will carry out the installation, suspended structural lintels are a great choice for specialists in the field of construction and engineering

Flexibility and versatility

The last characteristic sought out by building construction professionals is the flexibility of the products they use. The ASL Lintech suspended structural lintels can be easily adjusted a d adapted to your needs We delivered them right to your site in order meet all your construction needs. There is no denying the versatility of our company’s lintels

ASL Lintech

The answer to all your lintel needs

It is with pleasure and great pride that the experts at ASL Lintech offer their revolutionary suspended structural lintel design

Our already well-stocked inventory of structural lintels including those that can fix onto shear walls and those for renovation. When browsing through our site you will see the 1001 uses for lintels in the construction and reinforcement of your building structures.

So don’t wait any longer, contact us now to ensure the best final result in the construction or renovation of your commercial or residential buildings.